What to Expect

Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church’s future is extremely bright. We will continue to make transitions and phenomenal growth. Below are just a few of the reasons our future is so bright:

Core Ministry

Strong preaching and clear teaching will remain at the center of what draws and will continue to draw people to faith in Christ.


Our approach is to reach the lost, help them grow spiritually, equip them to serve, and send them out on mission into the world.


We are no longer just an African American Church, we have already become multicultural. We are especially interested in reaching Young Adults and young families (Ages 19-40).


This is our current weekly schedule:

  • We are one  worship service which include both traditional and contemporary elements @ 8:00 AM for 150 people and on Facebook Live and at 11:30 AM on our YouTube Channel
  • Corporate Sunday School for all ages is held at 9:30 AM on Facebook Live and our YouTube Channel
  • Cherubland Lesson for children ages 5-11 is at 10:45 AM on Facebook Live and our YouTube Channel
  • Other Sunday School classes and Bible Studies are held via Zoom


We are using lay directors to direct the five biblical functions of the church as defined in our vision statement and the teams that fall under each. We will ordain or hire pastors who can shepherd these teams.

Small Groups

Affinity small groups will become the main source of delivering curriculum and causing people to live in community with each other. We currently offer small groups in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

With the continued guidance of God, a strategic focus, a love for lost people and a willingness to empower others to carry out the work of ministry, we will maintain that missionary zeal. We have gained a momentum that we must now harness and allow it to power us through the next few years.