Cornerstone Revitalization announces the launch of YouthBuild. YouthBuild is a National Organization which works to unleash the intelligence and positive energy of low-income youth to rebuild their communities and their lives.  There are more than 225 YouthBuild programs in the U.S. that have participated in building 17,000 units of affordable housing. However, YouthBuild is not just building houses but building individuals who through  some form of economic deprivation, may have been slighted in life, need a boost of self-esteem or even someone to recognize that they matter.

For unemployed, out-of- school young people, YouthBuild is an opportunity for them to reclaim their educations, gain the skills they need for employment, and to become leaders in their communities. YouthBuild takes pride in building Youth who will one day become better Adults with direction for a better community.

Please watch the video below and click here to download the brochure. If you feel you qualify or know someone who qualifies, pick up an application from the Church Administration office or download it here.  For questions or for additional information, please contact the YouthBuild staff at 205.925.5972, ext. 202.