Stewardship Update

The Right Relationship With Money

This series of videos is presented by Stewardship Education on various topics regarding our relationship with money.

Week of 11/16/2020

Money & Prayer In Proverbs

Week of 10/12/2020

You can’t move forward in life unless you do some “Forward Thinking”

Looking for an easy way to save some money?

Let’s have some fun with this Generosity Word Search (Download the document, Click on the comments tab, then Design Markup, and Click the Rectangle to mark the words you find) Enjoy!

Week of 7/20/2020

Check out this very informative video entitled, “The Water Parable”.

Week of 5/25/20

Often called “the Father of Faith,” Abraham faced a difficult test when God commanded him to make seemingly nonsensical and cruel sacrifice.  Today we each have a choice. Will we listen to God’s voice? Find out more from this short film from Crown Financial.

Under God’s command, Abram left his home and journeyed to a new land, Canaan with his nephew Lot.  This film from Crown Financial demonstrates contentment with less versus wanting more; loving people versus loving things; and giving versus taking.  

One night, a religious leader named Nicodemus visited Jesus. Take note in this short file from Crown Financial how their conversation reveals that any person can be spiritually transformed and enjoy a personal relationship with the living God of the universe.

Week of 5/18/20

We all experience difficult and often painful circumstances as a result of our actions, other people’s actions, or things beyond our control.  In this film from Crown Financial, you’ll learn about a woman who faced an agonizing dilemma and how follow godly counsel led to incredible blessing from God.

In this short film from Crown Financial, through the prophet Jeremiah, God spoke encouraging and unusual words that required the exiles to exercise great faith in God and to do something unprecedented for exiles at that time in history.

Life after death is a hotly debated topic. “What happens after we die? How do our lives on earth affect how we spend eternity?”  This video from Crown Financial teaches that what we believe and place our faith in during our earthly lives determines our eternal destiny.

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Week of 05/11/20

Learn from Crown Financial the quickest way to cut subscriptions and save money on the things you’re already buying

Check out advice from Crown Financial about the quick and easy way to boost your savings.

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Week of 05/04/20

Whole-Life generosity is needed more during times of struggle than in times of surplus.  Generous Church provides simple yet impactful ways that you can practice generosity to those right around you.

In a time of crisis, generosity may not be the first thing on our mind.  Crown Financial has provided examples of how you can love your neighbor when everything else seems uncertain.

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Week of 04/27/20

Crown Financial provides links to several industries that are hiring right now.

We all have needs, wants, and desires – in a time of crisis, it is important to discern what is what.  Crown Financial has provided a way to help identify them. 

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Week of 04/20/20

Practical advice from Chuck Bentley of Crown Financial on how to lessen COVID’s impact.

In a time of crisis, it is important to adjust your finances. Whether you’ve lost your job, or preparing for the long haul, here’s a helpful guide from Crown Financial to simplify the process.

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