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Dr. Michael W. Wesley, Sr., Senior Pastor and the Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church welcome you to our church’s website and Online Store. We are really excited that you decided to visit. This online store allows us to present yet another avenue of bringing unique resources to the world book by book, chapter by chapter teaching the Word of God on a local and global level.

Visit our online store for books on Evangelism, Ministry, Stewardship, etc., as well as Christian accessories and decor. The website brings stories to light using the power of the internet to multiply acts of kindness, worship and generosity. Feel free to visit and shop as often as you like. We ask that you visit us frequently as we continue to update and add items of interest to better serve you.


Featured Item – “Sooo You Want To Be Married?”

This is the latest book from Dr. Michael W. Wesley, Sr. Click here to order a copy of this book.

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