Leadership School & YouthBuild 2020 Graduation

Ministry Ministries

The purpose of the Ministry Ministries is to equip our members to engage in service in our church.  The Ministry Team is led by Jacqueline Carter who can be reached at jecarter@greatershiloh.org   Jacqueline and her team are responsible for teaching CLASS 301 – Discovering My Shape for Ministry, which is taught on the 4th Saturday of each month at 8:00 AM and for conducting interviews to assign members to a ministry or ministries. Ministries which fall under the Ministry umbrella are:

Shiloh Advanced Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.) – Held once a quarter to inform ministry leaders and directors of upcoming events and to provide leadership lifters

Leadership School – Held once a year for those individuals who have completed CLASS 101, 201, 301, 401, and 501 and have leadership aspirations. Leadership School students have graduation exercises once they complete all classes.

Harvest Ministry/New Members Team – First contact for new members to inform them of new member classes and to aid them in connecting to a ministry.

Sonshine Basket Ministry – Provides encouragement baskets to members who have gone through an especially trying time.

Personal Enrichment – Confronts the lack of feeling whole and is committed to providing an environment that will lead to healing.

New Member Classes:

  • CLASS 101 – Introduction to Our Church Family – This class is designed to help you commit yourself to Christ and to the church family.  The course covers Salvation, Baptism, and Communion, along with the five purposes of the church, its structure and various affiliations.
  • CLASS 201 – Introduction to Spiritual Maturity – This class is designed to help you begin to grow toward Spiritual Maturity through focusing on Four Basic Habits every Christian needs in order to grow to become like Christ. You will learn the importance of commitment and community.  A commitment to God of your time, talents and treasures; you will learn the value of community found through small groups.
  • CLASS 301 – Discovering My Shape for Ministry – This class is designed to help you discover your unique design (SHAPE) for ministry and to help you commit to developing and using God-given gifts and abilities in serving God and others in your church family.
  • CLASS 401 – Discovering My Life Mission – This class is designed for equipping and empowering committed Christians for world and life-changing missions.  The challenge is for every member to take some kind of mission trip, share their faith, and develop a world mission perspective.
  • CLASS 501 – Discovering Christian Stewardship – This class is designed help you discover your responsibility as a christian to be a Godly steward over your time, talent, and treasure.